This is the world’s easiest nibble to create. It requires three ingredients, the choices of which are a matter of taste, preference, and wallet. It takes the concept of Chips and Dips to a whole new level, a gilding of a lily the doesn’t necessarily need gilding, but benefits by doing so. It is that perfect blend of salt, creaminess, and crunch, doesn’t require a fork or knife, and can be served with any libation. Your guests may be skeptical, but they will soon be converted. Ready? You need a bag of potato chips, your favorite, they can be ridged or not, they just need to be crunchy. You need a small container of sour cream or creme fraiche. You need fish roe, otherwise known as caviar, any color, any type, depending on your preference and your wallet. Less expensive varieties can be found in the canned fish area of your supermarket, more expensive types in the specialty area. Save the Beluga for something else, we don’t want overgilding! Take a chip, add a dollop of the cream, top with a bit of caviar. That’s it. Don’t prepare in advance, the chips will get soggy and no one likes soggy chips, irrespective of how gilded they are. Serve and watch them disappear.


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